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In today’s time of advanced technology, we’ve come across several tips and methods that can help build a strong business strategy, especially with digital tools. Whether it’s an email campaign or a regular newsletter, you need a proper system that can help you to verify an email address, that you planned to connect with through your campaign. For that, you need a proper email verification service that can benefit you in every aspect. 

That’s why we have presented this article, where we have provided a solution for verifying an email address without even sending one. But before that, you need to understand the end of email verification.            

So, let’s get started!   

Why do you need to verify an email address?

Tell me something, what’s the point of sending thousands of emails to unverified emails, where you wouldn’t be getting any kind of response? Plus, a fancy amount of those emails will bounce back, which will lead to making most of the emails coming from your inbox spam. It’s a waste of your time and a huge risk for your mail server reputation!                 

And if by any chance your IP address develops a bad reputation, it can be delisted by Gmail and other significant email services. So, to have a potentially valid email address list, you need an email verification service and eliminate the invalid email addresses. 

The main reason behind the necessity of email address verification is:

1. Email Deliverability Check

There’s a high percentage chance that plenty of the emails will bounce back, if not verified. And verify an email address may seem like an additional step, but this can provide you with a great response rate.

When a large portion of your emails gets bounced back, you wouldn’t be able to reach the potential audience’s inbox further as it would ruin the deliverability rate for your email. But with an email verification service, you can enhance your delivery rate and eliminate any chance of a bounce.

2. Better outreach metrics                                     

By having a valid email address list, you’ll have a proper valid email address list that will provide you with a better response. This way, you will have all the statistics and data which would be easy for you to analyze for your email campaign. So in case, you have a low rate, you can easily identify the poor angle and improve it further, as you’d know there isn’t any problem with the list of emails.

3. Improve reputation score 

For email deliverability, every email account has its distinct sender reputation score, which helps them reach the audience’s inboxes. That’s why businesses with a digital marketing strategy focus on improving their sender reputation score. 

With an unverified email address list, you’ll be marked as spam which would appear very poorly on popular email platforms such as Gmail and others, as it will straightforwardly reject your email or send it to the spam folder. Your reputation score can easily be affected due to spam traps, engagement, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and many more. But the easy part for you here is all these can be avoided with a verified email addresses list. This becomes a solid reason for you to verify your email list and improve your sender reputation score.

How Does Email Address Verification Tools Work?

To have a proper and strategic approach to a successful email marketing campaign, you need a combination of various techniques and an internal database such as proprietary algorithms. 

Through this, you’ll have the verified list containing all the verified email addresses that you need. And with that list, you can get started with the marketing campaigns that you planned to do. 

Now, you might be thinking about how exactly this email validation process works? To enlighten you on this topic, we have discussed all the steps and algorithms that work in this process. These are:

  1. Syntax and formatting check: This is considered a very crucial step in verifying email addresses. So basically, it involves scanning your email list to identify any kind of invalid information that can harm your reputation with a hard bounce. This checks on the right format and syntax order in all the emails available on the list.
  2. Domain check: Another very crucial step in email verification is checking the DNS records to make sure that any kind present on the list does not have an incorrect or expired domain. Plus, it checks whether the domain mail exchange server is receiving the emails or not.
  3. Checking DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs: This is a step of checking for any kind of spam, IP addresses, and emails that might be present in the list. This is checked against DNSBLs (DNS-based blackhole list) and URI DNSBLs, to trap spam networks.
  4. Email pinging: By using the SMTP protocol, email verification services make sure that the receiver’s mailbox is valid to receive emails. That’s what email pinging is all about! It will give you two responses- positive and negative. If you get a positive response, consider it a green light and use the email, but if you receive a negative one, then it simply means it doesn’t exist. 

Ways to Verify an Email Address without sending any email 

Now as we are done discussing the necessity and requirement of email verification for your business. It’s time to move to the ways of doing so! 

However, people often get stuck on one option only which is by sending the email. But they don’t realize that it can harm their business in many ways. That’s why we have discussed the ways of verifying email addresses WITHOUT sending an email. These are: 

1. Manually verify email addresses

The first method that comes to anyone’s mind is manual checking of each email. This is done by using the free “email checker” or “email verified” tools offered by Google. These tools will quickly check and tell you whether an email address is valid or not. For this, just visit any free email verifying website and enter the email address that you want to verify. The result will be shown in milliseconds. 

This is the first approach for anyone looking for verifying an email address manually, without sending an email. After all, it’s free of cost! But on a broad scale, this method is no good. That’s when email verification tools sweep in. 

2. Using an email verification tool 

The best and the simplest way of verifying email addresses, without sending an email is through an email finder tool. These tools help you verify the email list within seconds. For this, you need an affordable and efficient email verifying tool such as ‘Email list verify’ offered by Call4peace. It performs radiantly at every level like domain info, format, mail server responses, and others. 

And when you need the data on a large scale form, you’ll be needing a bulk email verifier that will verify every email address, simultaneously. And this ‘Email list verify’ works well on that also. 

  • Just upload your list that you obtained from LinkedIn using Call4peace’s email finder tool in a .csv or .txt format. 
  • It will ask for confirmation before proceeding. Approve it to move forward. 
  • And when the process is done as it has filtered out all the invalid email addresses from the list. 
  • Now, you can easily download it and check the verification statuses.


Verifying an email address list is very essential for any business with a digital marketing approach. Whether you’re planning on sending a newsletter or starting a new cold outreach campaign, you need a valid and deliverable list of email addresses. This benefits you in several ways like improving the sender’s reputation score, increasing delivery rate, and bringing you clear outreach metrics. 

So, it’s always recommended to go with an automated email verification tool for the best results for the process. Make sure you explore as many options as possible and choose the tool to keep everything strategic. With this, by the end, you’ll receive a proper valid list of all verified email addresses to reach your prospects’ inboxes successfully.

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